Wonderful update from sweet Dixie 💕

Hi to Everyone in Cherryville;

Thought I’d let you all know how it is going ”out west” where people talk strange. There is some weird things here. One thing is the “Big Hand.” The “Big Hand” is attached to the male person here. The “Big Hand” is the part that picks me up and carries me around. It is fun. The “Big Hand” picks me up and takes me out side all the time, even in the middle of the night? If I go “potty” when the Big Hand tales me out side, the “Big Hand” gets all happy and excited. Sometimes, when I feel like going “potty” in the giant kennel where we all live, because there is all sorts of stuff I may miss if I go outside, the “Big Hand” is not very happy. It is real fun to do both. Although I think making the “Big Hand “ happy is better than not. Especially since I decided to try and drink out of a giant water bowl they have outside. When I jumped in, it was real deep and scary. The “Big Hand” scooped me out, so I think it is best to keep the “Big Hand” happy and I think I will stick with my smaller bowl.

The food and other stuff here the same as I got in Cherryville. I eat it all every day. However, I just discovered that the “Big Hand” has daily giant feasts with every kind of ambrosia I could ever think of. I try every trick I can think of to get some of it, but so far. No dice. I haven’t given up and have a few ideas I may try out. I do have a bunch of toys and things to play and chew on. The “Big Hand” will sometimes help me play. He is strange, when I try to play nip and chew on him, he does not like it. I still try every now and then, but he is not getting it, so I may just quit. My food is really good, and the person in a white coat who always seems to want to stick me with a needle, while telling me how “good I am”, says I am now 20lbs. She’s ok, but I am getting tired of the needles.

The “Big Hand” take me out of the big kennel to what he calls “out front.” But he first puts a piece of cloth around my neck, and attaches a longer cloth to that. I try to pull him around so he can see stuff, then I take him back to the big kennel, so he won’t get lost. And if I get tired, or things start to be scary, the “Big Hand” picks me up and carries me, until he’s not scared anymore, or I see something I need to sniff and look closer at, and squirm my way back to the ground. I have found that if I run to the “Big Hand” when he says “Dixie”, I get a wonderful peanut butter flavored soft chew. The “Big Hand” gets all excited when I do that. He is so easy to get excited. I also will put my bottom on the ground when the “Big Hand” says “sit.” I get another treat, and he gets all excited. He’s fun to watch. The treats are a big plus too!

Well, that’s all for now, we are going to get into the big moving kennel and go for what the “Big Hand” calls a ride. Its ok and we get to hang out, which makes the “Big Hand” happy, so I guess I will go along. I have a bunch of other stuff to tell you all, but I gotta go for now. The “Big Hand” keeps saying what a great puppy I am…..I think he’s right.

Miss you all there,

Dixie (aka Amelia)


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