Bluetick Coonhounds On Dogs 101

I noticed that Dogs 101 had an episode on Bluetick Coonhounds! I do not completely agree with everything that the people had to say about Blueticks, but it is a cute little video clip, so I thought I would share it with you. If you need help picking out the perfect Bluetick Coonhound puppy for you please contact me. Enjoy the video, and keep an eye out for an announcement on our next litter of summer puppies.

A Dog Can Help You Overcome Depression, Stress, And Anxiety

Today I was doing a little bit of online reading about some of the great things that pets can do for pet owners. This well made article blew me away! It talks about how people of all ages really can mentally and physically benefit from having a dog. They even share a story about people who are over 80, and in poor health getting a puppy and becoming more active and happy. It is nice to know that dogs are just as helpful as they are cute and fun! I know it is hard for me to be sad when I have a dog around me to play with. Heck even looking at our cute Bluetick Coonhound puppies makes me smile!

Pets for Depression and Health

Can your depression problems improve when you interact with your pet?
WebMD Feature
Reviewed by Louise Chang, MD

Traffic was unbearable, the workday was long, and the boss unreasonable. But minutes later, as your pet dog wags his tail and yips his welcome, your symptoms of depression lift.

It’s not a coincidence, according to psychologists, veterinarians, and researchers, who concur that pets can be good for our mental and physical health. A pet can’t cure symptoms of depression, of course, nor is a pet a substitute for medication or talk therapy. But a pet can help to improve mild or moderate depression in many people, experts agree, as well as provide other benefits, such as better sleep and overall health.


Pet Buyer Feedback

I live in Minnesota and Found Kim and her kennel Evenstar Hounds in June of 2011 when we wanted to add a Puppy to our family. When we could not find any proper Bluetick Coonhound puppies close to us I looked all over Google. I found so many options for puppies! At the time I really had no idea how to pick a good bluetick coonhound. All of the sites I looked over talked about the hunting skills of the dogs and showed pictures of parents treeing animals or holding birds. I did not want or need a hunting dog, I wanted a pretty, sweet, goofy family pet. I was so thrilled when I found Kim and her kennel! She made it very clear on her site that her dogs could be great hunters, AKC and UKC show dogs, and perfect family pets. Every puppy on her website was so cute! She had links to bloodline info and all of the information that most people buying a hound would want. After looking at the Bluetick Coonhound Puppies for the better part of an hour I called Kim to talk to her about the puppies. I let her know the size of my home, yard, and family. I also let her know what kind of time I had to put into training a puppy, and that I already had a cat. With the information I gave her she helped me pick out Jasper. She let me know that he was playful and goofy, but at the same time very mellow. I was pleased that she had a puppy that was perfect for me. After Kim got our deposit she put him on hold for us and sent me an email with a really cute picture of Jasper in a raccoon flower pot. I printed it and put it on my fridge! Kim took the time to talk to me about what and how much I should feed Jasper, how and why I should kennel train him, and what kind of toys to get him all before he even got to me. After I got the other half of my payment to Evenstar Hounds Kim booked Jasper his flight on Delta Airlines. When she did she called me and gave me everything I needed to pick him up from the airport and asked me to call her when we picked him up. When we picked Jasper up he was EVERYTHING Kim told me he would be! He has been the best dog a family could ask for. I feel like he has been very easy to train as a pet and has very good manners for a big hound dog. I even taught him that quiet means stop barking! My family and I have been so Happy with Jasper, and he has been so happy with us, he even likes our cat. Now that Jasper is almost 9 months old I made the choice to get him a little sister, so we came back to Evenstar Hounds and talked to kim again. This time she helped us pick Jade from her February litter. I know that Jade is going to be another perfect house pet for us! At first I had real concerns about buying a puppy from another sate, but Kim and her dogs are the best, and Kim has always been around to answer questions I have about how to take care of and train Jasper. I am so excited for April when Jade can fly here to Minnesota and enjoy the summer with us!

Thanx again for everything Kim! After all of the time you have spent working with me I feel like I really know how to work with Jasper, I am excited to see if he likes dog shows this summer!

Here are some pictures of Jasper from when he was just a baby up till now, I added a few baby pictures of Jade too!