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Evenstar Hounds is now on facebook! This is a great place to see lots of pictures, find out whats new here at Evenstar without checking our site and a perfect place to show us some love with a few likes and shares. We would also love for people to post pictures of your dogs from Evenstar on our facebook wall along with any comments you have about your pet. This is going to be a good way for us to watch all of the dogs grow!

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Pet Buyer Feedback For Gambit

Gambit The True Blue Bluetick Coonhound

This is pet buyer feedback from a family in Canada that bought Gambit. Gambit is one of the True Blue Bluetick Coonhounds that we have bred. Isn’t he just the cutest thing ever? He is very smart too!

Hello from Canada, just sending an update on our little glorious buddy Gambit. He is doing just wonderful, he had a blast this past hunting season and took to it with remarkable ease. Such a smart guy he is. And now him and I have joined our local search and rescue team, we are working together to train him for a search dog and so far he has found all his lost persons (exercises) in record time, and even beaten the shepard that they have on more then one occasion. He has been a great joy to our family since the day we brought him home . We hope all is well with you and yours . Best wishes in the new year from the Murray family.

Evenstar Hounds At The Eukanuba 2012

The Evenstar Hounds Bluetick Coonhounds did so well at the Eukanuba! I am so proud of each and every one of the dogs and owners!


Jeb (Co owned by Evenstar Hounds) took 2nd place in the open dog class and reserve dog champion. (2nd place out of all of the boy class dogs!) Jeb is the father of Julep (bred by Evenstar Hounds) who won Best Of Winners!

Rosey and Jeb playing on the bed.


Rosey is kicking butt at the Eukanuba! We are so proud of him for taking FIRST place in his puppy class! He placed over a ranked dog!

Here are a few pictures of Rosey in the hotel room with his buddy Jeb.

Rosey was bred by Evenstar Hounds and is owned by Tanya and Clay from Calvera Farm.

Jeb on the left with Rosey on the right.


Julep bred by Evenstar Hounds, owned and trained by Brenna Potash.

Julep WON! Best of Winners for 4 points and AWARD OF MERIT!

Evenstar Hounds At The 2012 Dog Show

With a house full of 14 Shelby puppies and a recovering Shelby I am sadly unable to attend the Eukanuba 2012 dog show. Lucky for me I have a great friend, Tanya from Calvera Farm who has taken our Bluetick Coonhound Jeb.  She is great in the ring and I know she will show him very well. Tanya also took her Bluetick Coonhound Rosie (Calvera Evenstar Hounds Every Rose Has a Thorn). Lets keep our fingers crossed for all of the dogs bred by Evenstar Hounds that will be showing at the Eukanuba! I hope to see some wins coming out of our kennel this year.

Evenstar Hounds

Evenstar Hounds Would Like To Congratulate Brenna And Julep!

Look what Brenna Potash shared with us on our Facebook page!

CCH CH ‘PR’ Evenstar N Heritage Mint Julep after winning the Purina Race Mississippi State Championship Overall Title.

Brenna Potash is kicking butt with her Evenstar Hounds Bluetick Julep. Brenna also loves to hunt with Julep and has informed us that they will soon have a night champion title!

Julep is a Sky and Jeb baby

Evenstar Hounds/Brenna Potash/Julep