Updated Shipping Policy

We no longer offer pre-paid air shipping. From this time on all shipping fees will be sent to Evenstar Hounds, we will pay for the flight when we take the puppy to the airport and you will not need to pay anything when you pick it up. We will also be pre-paying for all health certificates and travel kennels. The total amount due to Evenstar Hounds to ship a puppy will be 385.00.

Because we often need to book flights on more than one airline and because differing payment policies all shipping costs must be pre-paid to Evenstar Hounds before we will ship your puppy. I do charge a 100.00 shipping fee, this covers a airline approved travel kennel and vet health certificate. No puppy can legally fly without a vet health certificate. The cost of your puppies flight is an additional 285.00 That makes the total for shipping a puppy 385.00. This means a 600.00 puppy will cost you a total of 985.00 if it is shipped. Please contact me if you have any questions about shipping.