We Have Opened A Rainbow Bridge Page

Evenstar Hounds has opened a Rainbow Bridge page. We invite everyone to look over it, email us information and pictures about pets you have lost, and read about the pets others have lost. Pet loss is never easy, we hope having this page to use as a tool makes your loss a little easier. Let us share your pets story!

If you would like to share pictures, and information/a story about your pet please email
the Evenstar Hounds Web Girl. Please include the name and age of your pet.




Jasper was a year and three months old when he very suddenly passed away. Jasper was more than just a dog to me, he was my best friend. Jasper was the perfect dog for me, and I think if we could ask him he would say I was the perfect person for him. He loved to watch movies with me, and would lay around the house watching me clean, or work on my computer. He loved to play with people and animals of all ages, and sizes. I could name at least one hundred reasons why I was in love with Jasper. He was so kind, playful, and funny, he was the best listener, and the perfect shoulder to cry on. I miss him more than I can express. As short as our time was together, it was great time. Jasper will be missed and remembered by everyone who met him, but he will be missed the most by myself, and my daughter.


Evenstar Hounds Is Moving

Evenstar Hounds is relocating to a larger property in Cherryville North Carolina. We have very good friends in the area, and will have a chance to be in far more dog shows than we get to be a part of now. When we relocate we will still offer shipping of our Bluetick Coonhound puppies, and Black and Tan Coonhound puppies, the cost of shipping will not change, and we will still be using Delta Airlines. It has been great living in Alabama, we have all made very close friends here, and will miss everyone. Our move has already slowly started, and we hope that with any luck our next litter of puppies will be shipped from North Carolina! If you have any questions about our move, or would like to buy your next puppy from us in North Carolina please contact us.

A Special Thank You To All Of Our Puppy Buyers

At this time we are out of Bluetick Coonhound Puppies. Our next litter is due on August 24th, we are now taking deposits on this litter. Check out our upcoming litters page for more info!

Evenstar Hounds wanted to give all of our puppy buyer a special thank you! It is so good to know that all of our puppies are going to loving homes. 🙂 Please keep sending us pictures and stories as the puppies grow! We love hearing from each and every one of you.

Thank you.