Pet Buyer Feedback

Jade is my second Bluetick Coonhound from Evenstar Hounds and I love her! She has been a great addition to our family. Jade has been a perfect playmate and little sister to our first Bluetick Coonhound Jasper. We added Jade to our family when Jasper was about 10 months old. Jasper has been a huge fan of his baby sister and has helped teach her house manners. Jade is so loving, and smart! She is almost 5 months old now, and so well trained already. She is fully potty trained, and knows basic house manners like, sit, off, no, quiet, drop it, lay down, and she can give a high five. I think with having Jasper to watch, and learn from she has become a well trained dog much faster than she would have living alone. Jasper and Jade share a kennel, eat and drink out of the same dishes, and cry when they can not be together! I am just so pleased with how my AKC, UKC registered Bluetick Coonhounds are as house pets. They never hunt, or do dog shows, they are not even big walkers. They just love to play, cuddle, and be a part of our family. They are amazing with my daughter, and kind to our black and white, very raccoon looking cat. Getting my pets from Evenstar Hounds in Alabama was the best choice I have ever made! I love how helpful Kim is, and how much she deeply cares about her dogs.

Thank you for everything!